Since 2003, Karlheinz Miklin has been Chairman of the IASJ, having served  since the early 1990s already as a member of the Daily Board, the governing body of this worldwide association of jazz schools seated in The Hague.
It is mainly due to his contacts that during these years many countries from former Eastern Europe could be integrated into the Association, and Annual IASJ Meetings in Krakow and Riga took place.

His lively activity in Latin America was also contributing to the increasing presence of South American conservatories and universities, the highlight of this development has been the IASJ Meeting in Sao Paulo 2011.

Although elected until 2015, Karlheinz decided to resign and make place for younger colleagues. A suitable moment was the 23rd IASJ Jazz Meeting 2012 at the University of Art Graz (KUG), whose jazz institute was hosting students and teachers for the second time. Graz 2012 became the most successful IASJ meeting with more than forty participants schools.

At the IASJ Meeting 2013 in Aarhus, Karlheinz Miklin  was appointed  "Honorary Member of the IASJ" (after Dave Liebman and Graham Collier). His successor as Chairman, Jari Perkiomäki of Sibelius Academy Helsinki, expressed this:

"At last year´s meeting in Graz I was elected the new Chairman of the IASJ. The meeting in Graz was in many ways a great triumph for the former Chairman Karlheinz (Charlie) Miklin, whose contribution to the development of this great organization has been enormous through the years. I am convinced that I am sharing every member´s gratitude expressing my deepest thanks to Charlie and I feel both excited and humble following in this position."

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Honorary Member of the "IASJ - International Association of Schools of Jazz"