Karlheinz Miklin Solo

Karlheinz Miklin & Wolfram Berger

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Karlheinz Miklin, who had never before appeared alone, was invited to a solo performance by the Viennese jazzclub "Miles smiles" in 1983. Through this initiative from the outside, the woodwind player began to deal more intensively with the solos, followed by performances, among others at the "Wiener Festwochen".
These concerts were also often held in churches - most recently during the festival "Jazz is back" in Croatia. A CD was also recorded in a sacred context, the Münzgrabenkirche in Graz.

A collaboration with the well-known actor Wolfram Berger begun on the occasion of a memorial evening of the "Reichskristallnacht" in the Graz synagogue. Thereupon several performings with poems by
Erich Fried were done. Later, the two under the name "Escape from Time" developed a program with poems by Hugo Ball, Joachim Ringelnatz and again Erich Fried, performed among others at

"Musica Sacra" in Klagenfurt Cathedral and at the St. Gallen Festival.

ORF recordings as a soloist  have also been done with the renowned actor Michael Heltau and the Bosnian writer Dzevad Karahasan,

future co-operations are scheduled with Frank Hoffmann.