Liner notes
"Onda Alpin"

You can't just pull a great concert out of a hat; it either happens or it doesn't. On October 17th, 2008 in the "Altes Kino" in St. Florian, the conditions were perfect: Karlheinz Miklin and the Quinteto Argentina were at the end of a lengthy tour, so the musicians were in top form and amazingly sensitive to oneanother. Add to that a great audience and the unique sound in the theater and you get a rare and special concert experience: one of Those Nights, the ones musicians talk about long after they're over.

The saxophonist and composer Karlheinz Miklin, who was born in Carinthia (Austria), raised in Bleiburg and who moved at 18 for studying purposes to Graz, where he lives to this day - is an exceptional person. Not only as a musician, but as a teacher:

he chaired the jazz department of the University of Arts in Graz from 1983 till 2000, while (as a musician) touring throughout the world, mostly with his trio. He recently became the first jazz musician to receive Styria's prestigious Karl Böhm Prize for Interpretation, showing the high degree of respect he enjoys - a respect transcending all boundaries of genre and style. Miklin has long had a special interest in Argentinian music, beginning in the early 70's when he toured with an Argentinian show. This interest was solidified in 1984 with the founding of an Argentinian trio, which eventually grew to a quartet and in 1989 to the present Quinteto Argentina. Pocho Lapouble was with the band from the beginning; Marcelo Mayor and Alejandro Herrera joined up in 1992, Mario Gusso in 2006 and Sergio Gruz in 2008.

If you ask Karlheinz Miklin how often he's been in Buenos Aires, he can't give you an exact answer. "Definitely more than a dozen times," he smiles. In 2007 he received the title "Vistitante Illustre", cultural guest of honor, in the cities Mar del Plata and Esteban Echeverria. Miklin has become completely smitten with Argentinian music and culture; they have become a part of him. When he plays, the hall or club metamorphoses into a

concert hall in Buenos Aires. Any associations with Carinthia or Styria disappear; one hears at once the sound of wide open spaces and the great international city.

On that evening Karlheinz Miklin played a concert in the "Altes Kino" during which each musician opened his heart and soul to the audience. Jazz, the way it should be - and the way it can be, on one of Those Nights. So: insert CD, relax, close your eyes and listen to

the music. When you open them you may find yourself in the theater in St. Florian, but you'll definitely be in Argentina as well.

                                                                                                                Herbert Uhlir