Karlheinz Miklin, reeds

Heiri Känzig, bass

Billy Hart, drums

Miklin - Känzig - Hart


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Since 1987 Karlheinz Miklin has been playing together with Billy Hart and Ron McClure in different formats from quartet to sextet, from 2000 on as a trio. 2008 a festival at the East Sea in Latvia brought an encounter with Heiri Känzig. The music worked well from the very beginning, so the Swiss bass player became part of the group.

The trio has been on the road since then regularly, among others they played the festivals Salzburg and Zagreb. A live recording at Vienna’s “Porgy & Bess” was released 2011 as “Cymbal Symbols” (TCB 30902) which was followed - again on the Swiss label – by “Encore”
(TCB 33902) in spring 2015.

Three ‘fully grown’ musicians who are able to build on great experience, but who are still curious and in search of new forms of expression. Their connecting on a personal level and musical understanding create the basis for their work together; just like the privilege of not having to prove anything to anyone else...