Karlheinz Miklin

Jazz via Brasil

Karlheinz Miklin, reeds

Marco Antonio da Costa, guitar

Emiliano Sampaio, guitar/trombone

Michael Ringer, bass

Luis Andre Carneiro de Oliveira, drums

Besides his cooperation with Argentine musicians over decades Karlheinz Miklin has been playing in Brasil several times

and got interested into the rich music of this country.

Now he started to perform with young Brasilian musicians

in Austria, too. A first encounter in the saxophonist´s

"Specials" at the Graz "Stockwerk" turned out exciting,

so the group continues to play together. Performances at the Graz festival „Murszene“, the „Jazz Days“ Weiz and the festival „Jazz is back“ in Croatia were among the highlights.

Folklore and new directions from Brasil, quotes from

Argentine music - all under the common roof of Jazz -

offer a fresh and interesting mixture.


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