Karlheinz Miklin


Karlheinz Miklin, reeds

Ewald Oberleitner / Milan Nikolic, bass

Howard Curtis / Karlheinz Miklin jr., drums

Miklin's efforts to perform with each of the two bassists and drummers for his series 'Specials', worked well from

the outset. So much so, that everyone wanted them to continue, and they were granted this request.

The 2009 performance 'Jazz under the castle' in Trencin, Slovakia, and in Austrian jazz clubs confirmed all expectations.

In 2010 the group played for the 'Oe1 Jazznight' and celebrated public success at the Graz 'Murszene' festival as well as at the 'Blues and Jazz Autumn' event in Frohnleiten.

The festival Fürstenzell in Germany, concerts in Austria and Slovenia followed 2011, 2016 the group had standing

ovations at the Croatian festival "Jazz is back".


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