Karlheinz Miklin  Doubletrio


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Miklin Double Trio in Stockwerk, Graz.

It was with the new and enthralling instrumentation of the double trio that saxophonist Karlheinz Miklin presented two powerful sets in the Graz jazz club Stockwerk. Karlheinz Miklin junior and Howard Curtis served the drums, Ewald Oberleitner and Milan Nikolic represented two generations on the double bass.

To complete the double trio instrumentation, Miklin brought a 'harmonizer' with him; an effect machine which transposes the signals of the saxophone to certain intervals, to create the effect of a horn ensemble. It was an unashamedly attractive sound when the saxophone fell into energy filled grooves and room-filling sounds. 'Junior' delivered some true solo battles with „professor“ Curtis and in most pieces a solo from each bassist was heard, and when there was the need for it, supporting measured fivefour bars with classic blues triplets.

The moments of peace effectively interspersed: 'Patagonia' on the flute, framed by a simple minor chord, and one more tune with three voices from Miklin's solo album which the others picked up on and embarked on a super slow waltz. The graphic heterogeneity of the arrangement met the informed material of the soloist on eye level, and both things together made a fantastic concert.

                                                                                                         Matthias Wagner

                                                                                                                                                   " Kronenzeitung" 22.08.2010