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The abundance, if not to say the overkill of teaching methods and concepts used in Western Jazz education has led to remarkable progress and development of technical skills among young musicians today, especially if I compare this to my beginnings. At the same time I increasingly get the impression of conformity of musical language used among young jazz musicians. Too often students get an answer before they have even asked questions.
I believe that this mainstream of jazz education isn´t in every way beneficial and might even stand in the way of the pupil´s search for an individual and distinguishable sound, style and repertoire, an ideal I strongly believe in.
Therefore I have the concept of not having one and trying to work with every student individually. I thereby hardly ever use a given method and material. Only when a student spontaneously wants to work with a textbook do I acknowledge this and try to respond.
I realize that this path might be more difficult and last longer. But in the end I believe that it is fundamentally important to pursue and achieve self- chosen goals and to surmount the difficulties that might arise in the search for these in order to become as distinguishable a jazz musician as possible.
In the case of several of my students this path seems to have led to success.


Masterclass Pro Musica Bs. Aires 1986
Masterclass "Pro Musica" Bs. Aires 1986
IASJ Meeting Graz 1993
IASJ Meeting Graz 1993

Workshop in Grahamstown, South Africa 1998
Workshop in Grahamstown, South Africa 1998

University studies in German Philology/ History (Mag. phil.) and Jazz-Saxophone (Diploma with honors, Prize by the Austrian Ministry of Science)
1975 he was given the first lectureship at the Jazz department of the music of the "Musikhochschule" (today "Kunstuniversität") Graz.
1983 elected Head of Jazz Department (until 2000) and Professor for Jazz-Saxophone (O. Univ. Prof.)
Since 1992 Associate Jazz Artist at the Royal Academy London.
1996 Daily Board of the IASJ (Int. Association of Schools of Jazz, based in The Hague), elected as Treasurer, in 2000 as Secretary and in 2003 as Chairman (until 2012).
1998 - 2010 member of the Advisory Board ( Vice-chairman 2003 - 2010) of the EYJO (European Youth Jazz Orchestra "Swinging Europe") based in Copenhagen.

Masterclasses, Workshops, Lectures and Jury memberships:
(Partly in the context of IASJ meetings)
Berklee College Boston, New School University New York, Cornish College Seattle, Western Washington University Bellingham (USA)
Musikhochschulen (Music Colleges) Weimar, Mannheim, Köln, Jazz & Rock Schule Freiburg (Germany)
Musikhochschulen (Music Colleges) Bern, Basel, Luzern, Zurich (Switzerland)
Universities Wien, Graz, Linz, Conservatories Innsbruck, Klagenfurt (Austria)
Sibelius Academy, Polytechnic Stadia and Pop & Jazz Conservatory Helsinki (Finland)
Rhythmic Conservatory Kopenhagen, Royal Academy Aalborg (Denmark)
University Stavanger (Norway)
Royal Academy London (Great Britain)
Newpark Music Center Dublin (Ireland)
Royal Conservatory The Hague, Codarts - Rotterdams Conservatorium (Netherlands)
Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris - CNSMDP (France)
Taller de Musics and Escola Superior de Catalunya (ESMUC) Barcelona, Taller de Musicos Madrid, Estudio Escola de Musica Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Escola Superior de Música, Universidade Lusíada, Escola de Jazz Luíz Villas-Boas / Hot Clube de Portugal Lisbon,
Escola Superior de Artes Porto (Portugal)
Associazione Jazz Siena (Italy)
Ionian University Corfu (Greece)
Music Academy Tallinn, Cultural Academy Viljandi (Estonia)
Music Academy, Pedagogical Academy and Dom Choir School Riga, Int. Workshop Saulkrasti (Latvia)
Music Academy Katowice, Krakow School of Jazz and Contemporary Music,
Int. Workshops Polish Jazz Society Chodiez and Pulawy (Poland)
"European Jazz Newcomer" Hradec Králové (Czech Republic)
Glier Conservatory Kiev (Ukraine)
Conservatory for Jazz Moscow (Russia)
Universities Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Int. Workshops Jeunesses Musicales Groznjan (Croatia)
University Nis, Workshop Festival Novi Sad (Serbia)
Workshop Jazzfestival Malta
Workshop Jazzfestival Tabarka (Tunisia)
Int. Workshop National Jazz Youth Festival Grahamstown (South Africa)
Centro Cultural, EMBA, Pro Musica, TamaBA and BAJAZZ Buenos Aires,
Educacion Musical - EMU La Plata (Argentina)
Conservatório SOUZA LIMA, FASM - Faculdade Santa Marcelina, Faculdade Cantareira Sao Paulo (Brasil)
Projazz, Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Chile)
AMMUS - Aula Moderna de Música y Sonido Bucaramanga, Escuela de Música y Sonido Fernando Sor
Bogotá (Colombia)

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