Miklin's virtuosity is much in evidence. His tenor is muscular and assertive...
"all about jazz" (USA)   -> Review by Ian Patterson

... is finally recognized outside his own country as one of the great jazz saxophonists.
"Jazz Changes" (England)   -> Review by Graham Collier

"Echoes of Illyra" - Fifteen Years Later
-> Interview with Andreas Felber

Nowadays Karlheinz Miklin certainly counts among the handful of leading Austrian Jazz musicians of international reputation.
"Jazz Podium" (Germany)

... the ever present ecstasy is always accompanied by utter control of the instrument.
"Der Standard" (Austria)

... belongs to the best of contemporary European Jazz.
"El País" (Spain)

... multi-reed-player with a strong sound.
"Coda Magazine" (Canada)

... a blues- rooted force   in the tenor playing that´s deep-seated and effective.
"Cadence" (USA)

... has a big, soulful, breathly sax sound.
"Cue" (South Africa)

... surprises with depth of his interpretation.
"La Nacion" (Argentina)

... honest and unostentatious expressiveness.
" La Epoca" (Chile)


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