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(Karlheinz Miklin saxes, composition, Michael Abene arrangements, Jazzorchester Steiermark - dir. Sigi Feigl)

Michael Abene, certainly one of the most important arrangeurs and composers of the international jazz scene, is
currently teaching at the Jazz Institute of the University of Arts in Graz. He had heard Karlheinz Miklin several times
with different groups and got interested into his music, then offered to write arrangements for a CD with compositions
of the saxophonist - an unexpected and very honorable invitation.

The writing is finished, Sigi Feigl - number one among the big band conductors in our country - has put together a
"Jazzorchester Steiermark". The premier takes place 21st November at the "ORHEUM" in Graz. The CD will be
recorded in December and presented in several concerts in spring 2017.

KARLHEINZ MIKLIN "Jazz via Brasil"
(Marco Antonio da Costa g, p, Emiliano Sampaio tb, g, Gustavo Nunes Boni b, Luis Andre Carneiro de Oliveira d)

Besides his cooperation with Argentine musicians over decades Karlheinz Miklin has been playing in Brasil several times
and got interested into the rich music of this country. Now he started to perform with young Brasilian musicians
in Austria, too. A first encounter in the saxophonist´s "Specials" at the Graz "Stockwerk" turned out exciting, so the
group continues to play together. The participation at the Graz festival "Murszene" in August 2016 is one of the
Folklore and new directions from Brasil, quotes from Argentine music - all under the common roof of Jazz - offer
a fresh and interesting mixture.

Festivals and masterclasses Argentina

In November 2015 Karlheinz Miklin toured intensively in Argentina. He played the festivals Cordoba and
Buenos Aires, the first with the quartet of the known bass player Milton Arias, the second open air with his Quinteto
Argentina. In a club concert under the topic "cruces" (crossing) he performed with an ad hoc group of musicians
of the festival (Sergio Wagner tp, Lupa Santiago g, Arturo Puertas b und Luis Ceravolo d).

In the renowned series "Jazzologia" in Buenos Aires guitar player Ricardo Lew, one of the early members of the Quinteto,
was invited to the group. The concert was recorded by TV Buenos Aires.

(>video Quinteto Argentina 1987)

Miklin played for the first time in General Pico (La Pampa), the home town of guitar player Marcelo Mayor, and other
concerts. The tour included performances with five different groups. Additionally he gave masterclasses at the
Buenos Aires festival among others.

50 years Jazzinstitut Graz

1965 at the Academy of Music in Graz the Jazz Institute has been established, the first institution in Jazz
education at an academic level in Europe. To celebrate the 50th anniversary two sold out concerts at the
MUMUTH, the concert hall of the University of Art in Graz, took place 5./6. May. Legendary singer Sheila
Jordan performed with the quartet of Karlheinz Miklin as well as with the KUG stage band under the
direction of Sigi Feigl. Ms Jordan has been most important when Miklin started to establish a jazz vocal
program in Graz 30 years ago. The sax player who has served as head of Institute longer than anybody
else is going to retire and was honored especially. (->video)

Also as part of the Institute's celebration a "Jazz Weekend" took place in June. Miklin performed 20.6.
with a young ukrain-turkysh rhythm group which found each other in his series "Specials", before as a
highlight Joe Lovano with a KUG All Stars Big Band closed this festival.


CD Release Tour MIKLIN - KAENZIG - HART (TCB 33902)

In February 2015 the Swiss label TCB released another CD with the trio.
"Encore" was presented on a tour in Austria and Switzerland in March 2015.



In its February/March issue the German Jazzjournal "JAZZthing" portrayed Karlheinz Miklin together with
Hans Salomon, Dieter Glawischning and Karl Ratzer as one of the European jazz legends from Austria.
Especially mentioned was the recently released CD "Shadows" with vocalist Mark Murphy and
pianist Fritz Pauer.


"Karlheinz Miklin Specials"

From January until May 2015 Karlheinz Miklin performed with several musicians of different styles
and generations in a series of six concerts at the Graz jazz club "Stockwerk". After a start with Brazilian
colleagues ("Jazz via Brasil" 13.1.), rising star Mario Rom, tp was guest of the Miklin Trio ("Three
generations" 27.1.), followed by a concert with young musicians from Ukraine ("Jazzmaidan" 10.3.)

A highlight was the presentation of the new CD "Encore" (TCB) with Heiri Känzig b and Billy Hart d
on 24.3. With four colleagues of the Jazzinstitut Miklin met on 14.4. ("Faculty" with Jim Rotondi tp,
Olaf Polziehn p, Morten Ramsbøl b, Howard Curtis d) and closed the series with "Doubletrio reloaded"
on 19.5. in a group with both two bass players and drummers


30 years "Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina"

2014 the Austrian - Argentinian project celebrated its 30th anniversary with concerts in Buenos Aires in August
and Austria/Italy/Slovenia in the second half of October. A performance in the series "Jazzología" at the
Centro Cultural in Buenos Aires, the festival "Jazz & Wine of Peace" in Gorizia/Slovenia and an Austrian RTV
recording of the last tourconcert in Miklin´s hometown Bleiburg were some of the highlights of the tour.
(->more) (->video)


New CD
Mark Murphy feat. Karlheinz Miklin & Fritz Pauer (TCB 33802)
(Mark Murphy voc, Karlheinz Miklin saxes, fl, Fritz Pauer p, Ewald Oberleitner b, Dusan Novakov d)

After "Just Jazz" (Jazzette BP CD 027) which great Mark Murphy had released with the Karlheinz Miklin
Quartet 1993 a new CD came out in November. "Shadows" was recorded 1996. Mark Murphy put lyrics
on two songs of each Miklin and Pauer, there are two standards but also a take with free improvisation
and one with Murphy reciting over sounds of the quartet, things the great singer never recorded before
and after. Sheila Jordan added enthusiastic liner notes.
"Shadows" was released worldwide and can be purchased under

First critics:
...collaborations between Murphy and Miklin and/or Pauer. They together produced another important
session to add to the resplendent discography of the unique Murphy.
"Jazz Journal" (England)
Back in June of '96, Murphy just entering his mid-60s, his vigor and improvisational brilliance were still
in peak form
"JazzTimes" (USA) engrossing album. Master at work
...a very relaxed, laidback group - in a style that takes us back to some of Mark Murphy´s best material
from the 70s
...this is not a label driven, assembly line project made to cash in on name value, this is work coming
from the heart
of everyone involved

(Ewald Oberleitner/Milan Nikolic bass, Howard Curtis/Karlheinz Miklin jr. drums)

Miklin's efforts to perform with each of the two bassists and drummers for his series 'Specials', worked well from
the outset. So much so, that everyone wanted them to continue, and they were granted this request.
The 2009 performance 'Jazz under the castle' in Trencin, Slovakia, and in Austrian jazz clubs confirmed all expectations.
In 2010 the group played for the 'Oe1 Jazznight' and celebrated public success at the Graz 'Murszene' festival as well
as at the 'Blues and Jazz Autumn' event in Frohnleiten.
The festival Fürstenzell in Germany, concerts in Austria and Slovenia followed 2011, 2012 the group had standing
ovations at the Croatian festival "Jazz is back".

Doubled sounds good...two powerful sets in the Graz club 'Stockwerk'...moments of peace effectively interspersed....
a fantastic concert.
(->more) (->youtube)

New CD
"Cymbal Symbols" MIKLIN - KAENZIG - HART (TCB 30902)

Since 2008 the Swiss bass player Heiri Kaenzig has been playing instead of Ron McClure in this trio with the
American drum legend Billy Hart, who has performed with Karlheinz Miklin since 1987 frequently.
The CD - recorded at Vienna´s "Porgy & Bess" 2010 - was presented in an extended tour November 2011.
A tour October 2012, celebrating 25 years of cooperation of Karlheinz Miklin and Billy Hart, had highlights
such as the festivals "Jazz & the City" in Salzburg or "22." in Zagreb.


"Grosses Goldenes Ehrenzeichen des Landes Steiermark" was awarded to Karlheinz Miklin

On 30th November 2011 the Styrian governor Franz Voves awarded Karlheinz Miklin with the second
highest possible order of the state Steiermark/Styria as one of the most important jazz musicians of
Austria. The ceremony took place at the "White Hall" of the Styrian government.

Evenings with Erich Fried, Wolfram Berger and Karlheinz Miklin.

It was with the well known actor Wolfram Berger on 09.11.2009 that Miklin put together an evening in the
Synagogue in Graz with works by Erich Fried, to commemorate the 'Reichskristallnacht'.
The audience was frenzied and not everyone could find a place to sit due to demand. On 12.April 2010 another
evening - entitled 'Als ich mich nach dir verzehrte' -   took place, which featuring poems by Erich Fried.
The event filled the Orpheum in Graz and was repeated at the Festival of St.Gallen and at other venues.
A different program entitled "Auf der Flucht vor der Zeit" with poems of H. Ball, J. Ringelnatz and again E. Fried
was performed in the cathedral of Klagenfurt for the series 'Musica Sacra' 2011.
Both programs will be repeated at several locations 2012.

Miklin proved himself once more to be a brilliant soloist, and a musician who was well suited to this important

Karlheinz Miklin Trio in Belarus, Venezuela and Brazil

In February and March 2010 the Karlheinz Miklin Trio travelled to White Russia and Venezuela.
In Minsk concerts took place in the jazz club as well as in the hall at the veteran palace, and also
in the old cultural city of Nesvizh. One part of the evening was performed with White Russian
musicians as a quintet and the audience reacted with standing ovations.
In Caracas the trio played in the 'Casa del Artista' as well as in the courtyard of the 'Museo de Bellas Artes',
both times with local musicians. The performances by the Austrians were reported on national television
as well as on TeleSURtv throughout South America.
In August an intensive week featured four concerts and two workshops in six days in Brazil. For some of this
they worked with Brazilian colleagues; for example in 'Jazz nos fundos' in Sao Paulo and in Brasilia and Bauru.
Most notably, a live TV concert was recorded for the series 'Instrumental SESC Brasil'.

"CD of the month" ORF - Austrian RTV

Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina "ONDA ALPIN" (ORF-CD 3061)
(Karlheinz Miklin saxes, fl, Sergio Gruz p, Marcelo Mayor g, Alejandro Herrera b, Pocho Lapouble d,
Mario Gusso perc)
This recording of a concert at the "Altes Kino" St. Florian, Austria, includes eight compositions
by the band leader. The CD is the tenth recording of Miklin cooperating with South American musicians,
and was originally produced by the Austrian Radio (ORF) for the public radio show "On Stage".
New CD
in der Münzgrabenkirche Graz" (EX 872-2)

Resulting from numerous Solo performances through out his career, Karlheinz Miklin now released his first
Solo Album recorded on a two day-session at the Münzgrabenkirche Graz.


Ballettproject 15.7. - 15.8.2009

Under this title, as a part of the "Europaaustellung 2009", Christoph Klimke libretto, Hans Kresnik director
and choreographer were cooperating in the production of a play, in Bleiburg, Austria. Reinhard Taurer was
responsible for the scene, and Andreas Seifert was seen as the leading actor and dancer. Karlheinz Miklin
has been invited to compose the music which he performed live together with four young musicians, who are mostly
closely connected to the town, Bleiburg.
The production was extremely successfull, all the evenings were sold out and had enthusiastic critics in all medias.
(Foto: R. Traurer l., H. Kresnik r.)

"Karl-Böhm-Interpretationspreis" was awarded to Karheinz Miklin.

On 3.4.2009 the Styrian vice-governor, Dr. Kurt Flecker, acting in his capacity of highest cultural official,
awarded Karlheinz Miklin the "Karl-Böhm-Interpretationspreis" in a ceremonial act that took place at the
auditorium of the Old University. This most distinguished Styrian accolade, awarded every three years, was
up until now only bestowed on classical musicians; the saxophonist and pedagogue is the first jazz musician
to be honored in this way.
The cultural journalist Otmar Klammer and Walter Turkenburg, executive director of the IASJ (International
Association of Schools of Jazz with its chair in Den Haag), of which Miklin is chairman, held honorific speeches.
Miklin gave his thanks verbally as well as musically by playing some of his own compositions with the
KUG Jazz Orchestra conducted by Ed Partyka.


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