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... demonstrates anew that it pays off to stay true to the "Working-Group-Concept"
"Der Standard" (Austria)

I find it important to work with the same musicians over a longer period of time. Therefore it is not a coincidence that my three most important projects have already existed for more than twenty years. Without a doubt, short- dated, spontaneous formations can lead to valuable musical results. On the other hand collaboration with the same musicians over a long period of time can also reach deadlock.
As a consequence I have found working repeatedly with the same colleagues over a longer period of time and at regular intervals the ideal path. This way it is possible to have the feeling of getting together anew at the same time as being able to build on numerous past experiences.
It appears to me that the longer and the better people know each other musically (and beyond), the more it is likely for the results of their collaboration to be profound - especially in an art form that is essentially based on communication.
I hope this applies to my Trio, the "Quinteto Argentina" and Ron McClure and Billy Hart.
At the same time I don´t want to disregard the shorter, but for me equally important and formative experiences with significant musicians like Albert Mangelsdorff, Art Farmer, Mel Lewis, Horace Parlan or singers like Sheila Jordan and Mark Murphy. They have at the least given me an idea of what Jazz is capable of ...

karlhein miklin trio in zivil

karlheinz miklin und quinteto argentina beim applaus

karlheinz miklin, ron mcclure un billy hart in zivil


karlhein miklin trio live
Karlheinz Miklin sax, fl, bcl
Ewald Oberleitner b
Karlheinz Miklin jr.

The "Jazz Podium" considers it to be the embodiment of modern Austrian Jazz,
the "Standard" characterizes it an "Austrian classic".
The "Frankfurter Allgemeine" writes about a stylistically extremely confident trio, perfectly attuned to one another, and the "Daily Telegraph" speaks of its refreshing musical openness.

How it began:
The Trio was founded in 1978 with Ewald Oberleitner (b) and Brüning von Alten (d). As they couldn´t find an adequate guitarist or pianist they acted out of necessity and played without the usual chord instrument. During their rehearsals they realized that a new sound was developing which very soon should gain recognition by audiences and critics alike. Their international debut at the Belgrad Jazz Festival (on the same stage as Art Blakey and Dizzy Gillespie) was a success, followed by their national breakthrough at festivals like Wiesen, Saalfelden, Jazzfest Wien, Bregenzer Festspiele, Steirischer Herbst... Since then the group has played with a changing line-up on the drums - Gerhard Wennemuth (1980/81, 1983-87), Erich Bachträgl (1982), Heimo Wiederhofer (1987-2003) and now Karlheinz Miklin jr. - on all continents except Australia.

2008 the Trio celebrated it's 30 th birthday with the release of the
CD " Family Affair" (EX 799-2)

First reviews:
Miklin belongs to the best Jazz instrumentalists of Austria and confirms it very clearly
with this "family affair".   "Jazzzeit"
...nonchalance of a bandleader, whose serene trio is capable of tastefully following him throughout all ends
of his compositions. "Kleine Zeitung"
Whether on the saxophone or on the bassclarinet, Karlheinz Miklin's sound has that certain charisma
many other musicians can only dream of. "Saarbrücker Zeitung"
...using uncommon instrumentation even rather traditional compositions develop their
unique character .   "Falter"
With incredible insistence and confidence three great musicians work themselves through an endless variety of styles unmistakably recognizable as penned by Karlheinz Miklin.    "Kronenzeitung"

Concert- and broadcast recordings for the SR and SWR in Germany, and for the Polish Radio in Warsaw, as well as festivals in Novi Sad, Leibnitz (with Enrico Rava) or the International Outdoor Festival "Jazz at the Hermitage Garden" in Moscow took place in celebration of their anniversary. Before that the trio performed at festivals such as the "Euro Jazz" Athens, the "Jazz Peak" Sofia, as well as the "European Jazzfestival" Izmir or the "Music Summer Nights" Kiev.

They have recorded nine LP/CDs and appeared on Television and Radio on numerous occasions.

Performing at all important Austrian festivals such as Wiesen, Saalfelden, "Jazzfest Wien", "Jazzherbst Salzburg", "Bregenzer Festspiele", "Wiener Festwochen", "Steirischer Herbst", Raab, Leibnitz ...
this group has become an established part of the Austrian cultural scene.

Appearances at Festivals such as “Umbria Jazz" Perugia, “Belga Jazz" Brussels, “Festa delle musiche d´Europa" Rome, "Mostra de Jazz Europeu" Barcelona, “Porsche Jazz Festival" Padova, “Bilsak Jazz Festival" Istanbul, “Jazz Jamboree" Warsaw, “Jazz Fair" Zagreb, “Jazz goes Europe" Munich, “Yatra Jazz Festival" Bombay - New Delhi, “Standard Bank Festival" Grahamstown (South Africa), Leeds, Belgrade, Trencin (Slovakia),
Nagykanisza (Hungary), Tabarka (Tunisia), Malta...
and in
Venues such as “Blues Alley" Washington, “Ryles" Boston, “100 Club" London, “Café Central" Madrid,
“Bim Huis" Amsterdam, “St. Louis" Rome, “Palmengarten" Frankfurt, "Bazillus" Zurich, “BP Club" Zagreb,
"Cankarjev dom" Ljubljana, “Agartha" Prague, “Art Club 44" Kiew, “Union of Composers Club" Moscow,
"Veterans Palace" Minsk, “Ewart Hall" Cairo, “Oliverio" Buenos Aires, “Teatro Municipal" Santiago de Chile,
"Casa del Artista" Caracas, "SESC" Sao Paulo, “Carlos Brussa" Montevideo, “Collegio Ildefonso" Mexico City,
“La Zorra y el Cuervo" Havanna...
document their international status.

The following Guests have toured and performed with the Trio:
Mark Murphy (CD “Just Jazz" Jazzette 029), Albert Mangelsdorff and Sheila Jordan (CD “Looking Back" SOS-J 006), Art Farmer, Enrico Rava, Fritz Pauer, Bill Dobbins, Phil Markowitz, Jarmo Savolainen, Ed Neumeister, Karl Ratzer,
Wolfgang Puschnig....

Even though the Trio has played together for such a long time, audience and critics alike acclaim its everlasting freshness and search for new forms of expression. The replacement on the drums by Karlheinz Miklin jr. should emphasize this attribute also in the future.



"Echoes of Illyria - Fifteen years later..."
(-> s. Press - Interview with Andreas Felber)

... shows an amazing variety of sounds within the trio formation.
"Jazz Changes" (England)   (-> s. Press - Review by Graham Collier)

...aroused a justifiable storm of enthusiasm among the public
"Jazz Podium" (Germany)

... music of discreet originality and hidden charm.
"jazz man" (France)

...demonstrated perfectly that it is possible to make music of the highest quality on the old continent.
"El País" (Spain)

The absence of a piano brings fresh breath into the music, allowing to depart from standard soundings.
"Gazeta" (Russia)

...their presentation was able to arouse a great deal of interest among audiences as much as among musicians
"TAK i NIE" (Poland)

...were able to develop the audiences´s excitement to a maximum.
"Cumhuriyet" (Turkey)

...a small group with an enormous range of fascinating sounds.
 "Statesman" (India)

The Austrians know have to spice up their well balanced music with a decent dose of passion.
"Granma" (Cuba)


“family affair“ 30th anniversary (EX 799-2)
(-> Listen)

"Echoes of Illyra " (Universal 014 482-2)
Reissue of the LP "Echoes of Illyria" (amadeo 829448)
(-> Listen)

"We´ve only just begun" (SOS J-012)
(-> Listen)

"MIKLIN LIVE ´98" (miles smiles 001)

"Welcome to the Club!"(Jazzette BP CD 029)

"Just Jazz" Mark Murphy and Karlheinz Miklin in concert (Jazzette BP CD 027)

"Instant Two" (EMP 3002)

"The Rooter" (WEA 58712)

"Pick Up" (GEE BEE DEE 06-2004)


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Karlheinz Miklin saxes, fl
Gustavo Bergalli tp, flh
Marcelo Mayor git
Alejandro Herrera b
Luis Ceravolo d
Mario Gusso perc

Karlheinz Miklin has been touring South America and Europe regularly with Argentinean musicians since 1984. Concerts were given in the last years among others in Vienna (Porgy & Bess, Reigen, Metropol), Graz ("Festival Graz Meeting"), Linz (Festival "music minds"), Brussels ("Belga Festival"), Zagreb (Festival "Jazz Fare"), Frankfurt (Palmengarten), Stuttgart (Theaterhaus), Weimar (" Jazzmeile Thüringen"), Zurich (Moods) ... as well as numerous radio and television recordings.
Highlights in South America include the "Patagonia Jazz Festival", the Festivals La Plata, "Ciclo de Jazz" in Buenos Aires and "Encuentros" in Santiago de Chile.
Ten LP/CD/DVD´s document the musical results of their collaboration.
In 2004 the Austrian-Argentinean ensemble celebrated its 20th anniversary. Karlheinz Miklin´s "Aniversario/ Sketches from Illyro-Argentina" which he had composed for this occasion were successfully presented in numerous concerts in Argentina and Europe (among others the Festival "Graz Meeting" and concerts in Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Croatia). A double-CD and a DVD were released in 2006 at a tour in Europe which included radio live - recordings for ORF and BR.
"Onda Alpin", recorded live at the tour 2008, became "CD of the month" of the ORF (Austrian RadioTV) and was
presented at another tour 2010 which included several concerts with the KUG Jazz Orchestra.

Gustavo Bergalli   established his reputation as the most important trumpet player of Argentina and continues to commute between Europe (as Soloist at the "Stockholm Jazz Orchestra" and the NRD Big Band), New York and Buenos Aires.

Marcelo Mayor, known as a sensitive accompanist, is as sought after as ever among leading Argentinean Soloists. However, lately the guitarist has increasingly dedicated himself to composing, well documented on
his first release as a leader on his CD “Once y veinte".

Alejandro Herrera has recently attracted major international attention as sideman of Al DiMeola or Philip Catherine, although he has come to the fore also as leader with the release of his Quintets CD "Minority Report".

Luis Ceravolo, certainly one of the important personalities in the Argentinean music scene for a very long time,
replaces the great Pocho Lapouble, who unfortunately passed away much too early. He now shares his job on the percussion with

Mario Gusso, a prominent member of the new school of percussion, versatile in all traditional but also
contemporary Latin rhythms.

Finally Karlheinz Miklin, who has celebrated his latest successes with his Trio at Festivals in Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia and Turkey and as a soloist in Chile, Portugal, Latvia and Estonia. After appearances with Ron McClure and Billy Hart in the US, he presented the newest CD of this All Star group "In Between" (EX 672-2)
on a tour through Europe in April 2005, followed by new recordings 2007.
After recent tours as a soloist in Brasil and Greece and with his Trio in Serbia, Russia, Poland and Germany he released the CD "family affair" Karlheinz Miklin Trio (EX 799-2) in April 2008.



"Aniversario - Sketches from Illyro-Argentina". Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina.
“all about jazz" (-> s. Press - Review by Ian Patterson)

Very subtle music, that lives from intensely personal feelings.
"Jazz Podium"

One of the most important European Sax players, who has found marvelous accompanists at his side.
"Kurier", Vienna

Their joyous playing and good mood were easily carried over to the audience.
"Münchner Merkur"

Sax player Karlheinz Miklin presented his most convincing version of his Quinteto Argentina to date.
"Kronenzeitung", Linz

... Individual and strong musical personalities have found each other in a rarely heard homogeneity.
"Der Bund", Bern

... a truly musical firework.
"Tiempo Argentino", Buenos Aires

... Karlheinz Miklin and the Argentineans were triumphant.
"El Mercurio", Santiago de Chile

... a group with no place for mediocrity.
"La nueva Provincia", Bahia Blanca



"ONDA ALPIN" - Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina (ORF-CD 3061) (>Listen)

"Aniversario - Stetches of Illyro-Argentina"   Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina
(EX 772-2   EX-DVD 0111) (-> Listen)

"Graz Hora Cero" Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina & KUG Big Band (EX 572-2)
(-> Listen)

"Linda" Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina & KUG Big Band (TCB 21 322)

"El Viejo - To The Roots And Back" Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina (SOS-J 1009)

"De Lejos" Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina (SOS-J 1002A)

"Malambo Blue" Karlheinz Miklin & Quinteto Argentina (TCB 9050)

"Carlitos" Karlheinz Miklin in Buenos Aires (Amadeo 829 447)

"Pasando -   Live at the Treibhaus" Karlheinz Miklin & Trio Argentina (EMP 3003)


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karlheinz miklin, ron mcclure und billy hart live
Karlheinz Miklin saxes, fl
Ron McClure b
Billy Hart d

These three musicians have been working together regularly since 1987, although in the beginning they usually performed as a Quartet with Harry Pepl (CD "Looking Back" SOS J-006) and after that with Fritz Pauer (CD "Decisions" SOS J-008). In addition Karlheinz Miklin recorded the CD "Next Page" (SOS J-005) with Fritz Pauer,   Ron McClure and Victor Lewis as well as "Last Waltz" (Acoustic Music 319.1126.2) with Adam Nussbaum on the drums.
Since 2000 they have done without the usual chord instrument in order to obtain a new, stringent sound. This is documented on the first CD "From Here To There" (TCB 22 172). After that they recorded the CD "In Between" (EX 772-2) and presented it on a European tour in April 2005 after performances in New York and Washington in January 2004. New recordings were made on a tour in April 2007 and will be released soon.

Karlheinz Miklin has already practiced this style of playing for almost thirty years with his trio. Thus
Universal - for the series "austrian jazzart" - released a reissue of "Echoes of Illyria", an album already
recorded in 1986 by this formation.
Other albums released before and after this one are also good examples of Miklins very personal style of trio playing ("Pick Up", "The Rooter", "Instant Two", "Welcome to the club" or "We`ve only just begun").
CD-, TV- and radio recordings with masters such as John Lewis, Albert Mangelsdorff, Mel Lewis, Horace
Parlan, Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan and Bobby McFerrin document his versatility in other fields, too.

Ron McClure is without a doubt one of the most agelessly important bassists of the Jazz scene. The broad range of his activity as a sideman is exceptional. It stretches from working with the Big Bands of Buddy Rich and Maynard Ferguson via collaboration with Charles Lloyd, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Stan Getz and Sarah Vaughn to "Blood, Sweat and Tears" and the Pointer Sisters and finally to Lee Konitz, with whom he has been working with the most lately.
In the last years Ron has additionally gained a reputation as a composer, arranger and bandleader. Recordings with musicians like Randy Brecker, John Abercrombie or John Scofield brought out under his own name add to his substantial discography.

On many of these recordings one will be able to find Billy Hart on the drums; these two musicians are connected by decades of playing together. Their collaboration with the group "Quest"- a leading ensemble in the eighties with Dave Liebman and Richie Beirach - is a good example of their lasting teamwork.
Billy Hart certainly belongs to the handful of most important and sought-after percussionists of the scene. The list of this Grandmaster´s recordings belongs to the most substantial and high-quality albums in Jazz and includes big names like Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, McCoy Tyner, Wayne Shorter and Stan Getz, just to name a few. Like
Ron he gaines increasing reputation also as a bandleader, well documented on his Quartet CD with sidemen
such as Mark Turner and Ethan Iverson, again.

They are three "grown up" musicians that can rely on lots of experience but at the same time remain curious and on the look-out for new means of expression. Their personal relationship and mutual understanding of music are the basis for their collaboration, as well as the privilege of not having to prove anything to anybody any more...



Nobody has to prove anything to the other, and thus the path to communication of perfect sincerity that leads directly into the middle of a magic triangle is laid open.
"Jazz Podium"

Through Miklin´s diverse compositions Jazz´s horizon is brought to shine by Free- jazzy, "Monky" and finally very inspiredly played standard repertoire.

... demonstrates anew that it pays off to stay true to the " Working-Group-Concept". Miklin creates an extremely homogeneous and elastic sound.
"Der Standard"

Three inspired musicians that know each other inside out. There is nothing missing, certainly not a chord instrument.

The dialog with Free Jazz together with its consequences and their distance to Bebop are conspicuous. Everything swings without obstacles, including open end switches and admirable effects. My compliment!
"Oberösterreichische Nachrichten"

Their Trio playing seams to be guided by a fundamental natural force. Their inquiry for new sounds in the long Intros to the various compositions open dimensions of deep spirituality.
"RheinPfalz" (Germany)




"In Between" Karlheinz Miklin - Ron McClure - Billy Hart ( EX 672-2)
(-> Listen)

"From Here To There" Karlheinz Miklin - Ron McClure - Billy Hart (TCB 22172)
(-> Listen)

"Decisions" Karlheinz Miklin Quartet (SOS J-008)

"Looking Back" Karlheinz Miklin (SOS J-006) 

"Last Waltz" Karlheinz Miklin Quartet (Acoustic Music 319.1126.2)   

"Next Page" Karlheinz Miklin Quartet (SOS J-001)
(-> Listen)


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