Liner notes
"Karlheinz MIKLIN Solo"

Already in my early years as an artist, I've been listening and performing a lot of soft and quite music solo. Growing older I've been more and more drawn to this style of playing, and through this passion some of my most appreciated and known songs were written in this manner.

The challenge of playing solo without the support of fellow musicians, was initiated by the Jazz Club "Miles Smiles" in Vienna, where I played my first solo concert in 1983. From this point on, I've played solo concerts at festivals like the "Wiener Festwochen", and different occasions incorporating writers of religious and non-religious context.

Not only the acoustic but also the auspicious environment of a church is highly supportive for playing this music, mostly based on existing melodies I then improvise on. Sometimes even a whole song is just based on a specific instrumental sound in this special place, which my ideas then evolved from.

For this reason Pater Max Svoboda invited me for several occasions to give concerts in his church and furthermore he was the one who came up with the idea of providing his church as the environment for this recording, which I very much appreciated. The tracks were recorded on two days, without conception but by using the inspiration of the surrounding and moment. Some of the pieces are totally improvised and some are as previously mentioned based on existing material.

(This is not a studio recording, meaning that occasionally the listener can hear acoustic 'interaction' with the world outside.)

I chose twelve tracks from the material recorded on these two days and purposely chose not to name them, as music for me goes way beyond verbal communication, and the listener shouldn't be influenced in his perception by track names. I hope my audience will understand or better to say, feel this musical part of me, despite this lack.

Karlheinz Miklin



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