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"If one speaks of the most important representatives of the Austrian jazz scene, Karlheinz Miklin will surely be mentioned, soon. Born in Klagenfurt in 1946,

the saxophonist has always been characterized by an enormous openness in his musical work, as an ambitious bridge builder between different forms and genres. The reed player, who was chosen as the Austrian musician of the year in the "Jazz Live" polls in 1983 and 1984, unites in his colorful and uncommonly

multi-faceted musical language as few others well-known jazz standards with

Latin elements and excursions into the avant-garde. It is therefore no wonder

that the Carinthian born is among the most coveted of his guild. "
                                                          (MICA - Music Information Center Austria)

Since the end of the 70s on the scene with the Karlheinz Miklin Trio (with Ewald Oberleitner on bass and several drummers), he has been able to gain national and international reputation over the years. From 1984 on, Miklin has been playing with the Quinteto Argentina regularly in Europe and South America.

In 1984-2000 he played with the great late pianist Fritz Pauer and released several CDs together with bass player Ron McClure and the drummers Victor Lewis, Adam Nussbaum and Billy Hart.

With Billy Hart and first Ron McClure, later Heiri Kaenzig on bass, Miklin has been playing with an international trio since 2000, which can refer to several releases and continues to perform regularly.

A double trio with two bass players and drummers, solo concerts, partly together with actors and writers, appearances as a soloist in big bands as well as compositions for film and theater round off the diverse oeuvre, which is recorded on thirty LP / CD / DVD under his name as well as in Radio and TV recordings on all continents except Australia.

Additional to the musicians mentioned above Karlheinz Miklin has played with renowned musicians as members or featured guests in his groups such as:

Mel Lewis, Kenny Washington, Pocho Lapouble, Howard Curtis, Bill Elgart,

Bob Wyatt ...(drums)

Chuck Israels, Barre Phillips, Alejandro Herrera, Morten Ramsbøl,

Sizao Machado, Ronan Guilfoyle …(bass)

Horace Parlan, Jorge Navarro, Jarmo Savolainen,  Olaf Polziehn, Bill Dobbins, Phil Markowitz, Armen Donelian  …(piano)

Harry Pepl, Marcelo Mayor, Ricardo Lew, Karl Ratzer, Wayne Brasel,

Lupa Santiago ...(guitar)

Art Farmer, Enrico Rava, Gustavo Bergalli, Stjepko Gut, Mario Rom ...(trumpet)

Albert Mangelsdorff, Ed Neumeister, Luis Bonilla ...(trombone)

as well as the vocalists Sheila Jordan, Mark Murphy, Jay Clayton, Andy Bey, Dena DeRose ...


Karlheinz Miklin taught at the jazz institute of the KUG - Kunstuniversität Graz until 2015, of which he was director in 1983-2000. In 2003-2012 he was Chairman of the IASJ - Int. Association of Schools of Jazz, based in The Hague, 2003-2010 Vice Chairman in the advisory board of the EYJO - European Youth Jazz Orchestra, based in Denmark. Since 1992 he has been an associate jazz artist at the Royal Academy London.
Workshops, masterclasses and jury activities in over fifty jazz institutions all over the world led to a profound knowledge of international jazz pedagogy.

In addition to the Grand Josef Krainer Prize and the Great Golden Emblem of the Province of Styria, among other awards, Karlheinz Miklin was the first and only jazz musician to receive the Karl-Boehm-Interpretationspreis in 2009.

In 2015, the saxophonist was included in the list of "European Jazz Legends"

and portrayed by the German journal "jazzthing".