....ein Juwel des darstellenden, erzählenden Gesangs

"Jazzthing" (Deutschland)

...absolviert Murphy ein Power-Programm selbstgeschriebener Nummern, die Band und Sänger als ein Ensemble mit Ecken und Kanten zeigen - Chapeau!

"Jazz Podium" (Deutschland)

...ein sehr innovatives und gefühlvolles - stellenweise auch sehr freies - Album

"Concerto" (Österreich)

...hier wird ganz auf den Brettern der Jazzbühne gespielt, gesungen und gesprochen, abgeklärt, gegenwärtig, fern jeglicher Routine. Toll.

"Jazz'N'More" (Schweiz)

Back in June of '96, Murphy just entering his mid-60s, his vigor and improvisational brilliance were still in peak form

"JazzTimes" (USA)

...collaborations between Murphy and Miklin and/or Pauer. They together produced another important session to add to the resplendent discography of the unique Murphy.

"JazzJournal" (England)

...this is not a label driven, assembly line project made to cash in on name value, this is work coming from the heart of everyone involved. The kind of hot stuff that doesn't come around often
"www.midwestrecord.com" (USA)

...an engrossing album. Master at work

"www.marlbank.net" (USA)

Liner notes

To say Mark Murphy is a jazz singer is an understatement. He's beyond that title. He's a poet, an actor and above all a soulful human being filled with tremendous musical talent.  I have known Mark for over 50 years and have developed a very special friendship with him. I like to call him my Spiritual Brother. 

I heard him sing for the first time in a little club I worked at in Greenwich Village called the Page 3. He came in to say hello to the owners who adored him. They asked him to do a tune and this very tall handsome young man took the tiny stage and turned it into a huge concert hall. I'll never forget it. He sang "Willow Weep  for Me". I was blown away by his voice and deep feeling. I've loved him and his music ever since.

The music you are about to hear is a tour de force of Mark and his musical depth. Not only does he sing some very beautiful standard compositions, he adds some inspiring words and music written by both himself, Karlheinz "Charlie" Miklin, an incredible horn player and the late, great Fritz Pauer. The original compositions are very deep and will take you to another level. At least that's where they took me. I felt myself being  transported into another dimension with a feeling of not wanting to return.
Karlheinz Miklin, saxes, Fritz Pauer, piano, Ewald Oberleitner, bass and Dusan Novakov, drums were the creators for this incredible journey. They become so strongly connected that at times it's like one sound coming from all four of them. I am willing to bet they had an out of body experience when they recorded this wonderful music. Hey, don't take my word for it, buy it and try it. I hope you get the same feeling that I experienced.

Long Live Mark Murphy and his music.

Sheila Jordan