Liner notes
"Medio Azul"

My career as a Jazz musician has primarily focused on the art of small ensemble performance with the undeniable inspiration of the great Dexter Gordon. In addition, I’ve always harbored a deep interest of Latin American music. This fascination has carried over for more than 30 years dating back to my travels through Europe and South America with my „Quinteto Argentina“. It’s been on other occasions in recent years that Brazil has become a country I’ve frequently visited with much enthusiasm and interest.

Brazil’s rich sounds inspired me to study and think of music from a different point of view. Although Argentina and Brazil are close neighbors geographically, the music is fundamentally different. Rhythms, tempos and phrasing are but a few of the structures I’ve had to reconsider. Many young, highly talented Brazilian musicians in Austria gave me the idea to try this music here, as well. Playing with profound „native speakers“ offers me the opportunity to come closer to the true essence of this gorgeous music.

This recording is the maiden voyage, bringing to fruition our different musical backgrounds. We hope you’ll enjoy our music.

Karlheinz Miklin